The ability to travel in space and its health hazards  

January 5, 2023 4 mins to read

Life in space is not the same as on Earth, it has both challenges and opportunities in it. Humans are used to various comfortable things on Earth. We have family, friends, and sufficient devices to keep ourselves busy. Having this kind of life is not possible in space. Life in space is different and not all can survive spaceflight. We get fascinated when someone talks about space. But leaving one habitat to another can cause several changes in your body. Since everyone cannot visit space, people who have traveled to space get special training. Space travel might sound exciting, it has its risks too. 

No protective shield in Space 

Human beings live on Earth safe and protected from harmful radiation. This happens because the Earth is guarded by a magnetic field, and the atmosphere is filled with protective gases. These gases and magnetic fields allow protection for humans on Earth. Various harmful radiation can affect our body if it gets in contact with them, whereas in space no protective shields are present. Due to this, astronauts can get affected by various harmful rays. 

Presence of Ionizing Radiation 

We can see the presence of ionizing radiation like galactic cosmic radiation in space. These radiations are said to be coming from supernovae or from the stars that exploded. These radiations are very much harmful to the body of astronauts. The radiation of the galactic comic is low in intensity because of which the level of energy of the cosmic particles is high in nature. Since there is no presence of any protective shields in space, these radiations did not get shielded and can pass the suits of astronauts. This radiation cannot be shielded and can harm the body of astronauts.  

Astronauts may suffer from several diseases 

The harmful rays can penetrate the bodysuits of astronauts, they can get various diseases because of it. People who travel to space can get deadly diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Diseases like these have a long-time impact on the body and are not treated easily. The body can also suffer from other harmful diseases. 


Apart from protective shields the space also does not have any gravity. The human body is used to the presence of gravity and functions accordingly. Sudden changes like moving to a zero-gravity area can affect the body immensely. It can affect the blood flow in the body. Due to lack of gravity, the body may not receive the right amount of blood flow. As a result, our brain cannot get a sufficient amount of blood. This can be a dangerous condition for the body when it cannot maintain blood pressure.  

Other Issues 

Due to the presence of zero gravity the bones of a person can lose their mass. They may also see deteriorated muscles in their body. The body is not used to living in a place where there is no gravity and hence can get several health issues. 


Due to the absence of proper blood flow, the face of an astronaut can see puffiness in their faces. The blood can accumulate in one place causing puffiness of the areas.  

Life in isolation 

Besides health issues, an astronaut can also suffer from psychological issues. Life on Earth is surrounded by various people and you are free to communicate with them. This is not the case with life in space. You have lived in isolation and communication with your loved ones is not possible. This can affect you mentally if you are in space for a longer period.  

Different Planet, Different Life 

Life cannot be the same everywhere. There will be certain changes in the lifestyle that you have to bear with the place. Living in space, the moon or mars is not easy as we think. A person travels to a whole different world. Although going to space is a proud thing for the person and they can collect various new information that can further be used for research purposes. But this new life comes with its life-threatening situations. The hazards of visiting space are real and one should get proper training before being sent to space travel. 

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