Haunted Airplanes and Airports: Ghostly Encounters at 30,000 Feet

August 3, 2023 6 mins to read

Haunted Airplanes and Airports: Ghostly Encounters at 30,000 Feet

The last thing you want to be thinking about as you buckle up and get ready to take off is running into a ghostly apparition at 30,000 feet. What if, though, the rumors of haunted airports and aircraft were true? What if the departed were passing over us while we flew beside them in the same airspace as commercial aircraft and private jets? The tales of paranormal experiences in the air will make you question every jolt and bump on your next journey, from strange noises to ghostly apparitions. So, grab a seatbelt and get ready for a rough trip as we explore the realm of haunted aviation.

Haunted Airplanes

History of haunted airplanes and notable haunted flights:

One of the most notable haunted airplane incidents occurred on Eastern Airlines Flight 401 in 1972. The plane crashed into the Florida Everglades, killing 101 people on board. In the months following the crash, crew members and passengers reported seeing the ghost of the pilot, Bob Loft, who had died in the crash. The ghost of another crew member, Don Repo, who also died in the crash, was also seen on subsequent flights of the same model of plane.

Common ghostly encounters on airplanes:

But it’s not just crashed planes that are rumored to be haunted. There have been many reports of haunted planes that are still in use. One common type of ghostly encounter is with phantom passengers. These are ghostly figures that appear in empty seats or walking down the aisle. Many times, these figures resemble passengers who have passed away.

Another common ghostly encounter on airplanes is with ghostly crew members. In some cases, these are the spirits of crew members who have passed away. In other cases, they may be the ghosts of crew members who are still alive and well. Passengers have reported seeing the ghostly apparitions of pilots, flight attendants, and even baggage handlers.

Finally, there are also reports of unexplained noises and events on airplanes. Passengers have reported hearing strange noises, such as footsteps, whispers, and laughter, even when the cabin is quiet. Some passengers have also reported feeling cold spots, even when the cabin is warm, or feeling as if someone is watching them.

Personal accounts from passengers and crew members:

Personal accounts from passengers and crew members who have experienced ghostly encounters on airplanes are numerous. One passenger reported feeling a hand on her shoulder, only to turn around and find no one there. Another passenger reported seeing a ghostly figure walking down the aisle, before disappearing into thin air. Some crew members have reported hearing strange noises or feeling a ghostly presence in the cockpit.

Haunted Airports

History of haunted airports and notable haunted airports around the world:

Airports are also rumored to be a hotbed of paranormal activity. There have been reports of ghostly figures walking the corridors of airports, ghostly voices, and even ghostly objects.

One of the most famous haunted airports is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The airport is built on the site of a former Civil War battlefield, and many people believe that the spirits of the dead still haunt the area. There have been numerous reports of ghostly figures walking the halls, strange noises, and even ghostly soldiers marching through the airport.

Another notable haunted airport is the Manila International Airport in the Philippines. The airport is built on the site of an old cemetery, and many people believe that the spirits of the dead are still present in the area. There have been reports of ghostly apparitions, strange noises, and even ghostly hands reaching out to touch passengers.

Ghostly encounters in airports:

But it’s not just old airports that are rumored to be haunted. In fact, there have been reports of ghostly encounters in brand new airports as well. One example is the Denver International Airport, which has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories and rumors. Some people believe that the airport is built on a secret government bunker or even that it is a center for the New World Order. There have also been reports of ghostly apparitions, unexplained noises, and other strange occurrences in the airport.

Theories and Explanations

Different theories about why airplanes and airports might be haunted:

There are many theories about why airplanes and airports might be haunted. Some believe that residual energy from past events or emotions can become imprinted on a location, causing ghostly encounters. Others believe that the presence of spirits or entities can cause paranormal activity.

Possible scientific explanations:

There are also possible scientific explanations for ghostly encounters in airplanes and airports. For example, electromagnetic fields, which are produced by electronic devices and machinery, can cause hallucinations and feelings of unease. Infrasound, which is a type of sound that is too low for humans to hear, can also cause strange sensations and even hallucinations. Carbon monoxide poisoning can also cause hallucinations and confusion.

Possible non-scientific explanations:

Non-scientific explanations for ghostly encounters include the idea that spirits may be attracted to locations that were important to them in life. Some believe that spirits may be trying to communicate with the living or that they are stuck in a state of limbo, unable to move on to the afterlife.


The accounts of haunted airports and aircraft, in conclusion, serve as a warning that there could be more to the world than meets the eye. We continue to have more questions than answers as a result of the inexplicable events that continue to occur in the skies and airports throughout the globe. The mystery and intrigue of the paranormal keep us fascinated and enthralled, though, and that may be the beauty of it all. You should always have an open mind and a keen eye when travelling by air or via airports since you never know what paranormal encounters may be lurking just beyond the terminal. The tales of haunted aviation are certain to leave you with a lingering sense of wonder and amazement, whether you believe in them or not.





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